Wednesday, July 4, 2007

How to Install Games easily in LG Chocolate / KG800 Mobile Phones?

Well, today my pal came up with a strange question regarding his cool looking LG Chocolate [KG 800] - which I must admit looks very good. His query was How to install new games into the LG Chocolate.

So I found a way to get the cool Java Games into the LG Chocolate via the USB. Here is the procedure.

First you will need to enable Java content on your local LG Content Bank Installation. This how you can enable the same.
Goto C:/Program Files/LG GSM/LgContentsBank
Open the file config.ini in Notepad

Then you have to create a folder called Java under C:/Program Files/LG GSM/LgContentsBank/Contents

Copy your jar and jad game files to this folder.

If it is a jad file then you must edit the jad file and add this line:
MIDletX-LG-Contents: KG800

No need to change anything for jar files.

Now use the Lg Contents Bank Application, select the Java icon, your games should be listed now, upload and enjoy.

You can find FREE Games and Applications for your LG Chocolate at these sites:

As for me I am still using my good old Sony Ericsson K700i - still like it :)

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