Thursday, July 30, 2009

Windows 7 Ultimate Crack Available for Free Download

Though we - the loyal customers need to wait a couple of months before we get the legal copies of Windows 7. The Windows 7 Activation crack is already available online for Free download. It has been barely a couple of weeks since Microsoft made available the RTM version of Windows 7 to the OEMs and lo we have the activation crack already available for Windows 7.

The Windows 7 Ultimate Activation crack is available on a Chinese Forum(Link cannot be revealed due to piracy concerns). The Windows 7 Ultimate activation crack has been built on the OEM version of Lenovo's Windows 7 Ultimate OEM DVD. The DVD ISO of Windows 7 Ultimate along with the newly available crack is already leaked at the forum. Anyone who uses the leaked .ISO, along with the OEM-SLP product key of Windows 7 Ultimate, coupled along with the activation certificates can be obtained through the boot.wim - helps you run Windows 7 Ultimate Final version.

The new activation crack uses a very simple technique of exploiting the "OEM Activation 2.1", which happens to be an updated volume license activation system by Microsoft that was earlier available from 2006 with Windows Vista and known infamously as "Activation 2.0". Looks like Microsoft hasn't learned from the mistakes coz, Activation 2.0 was previously the easy module break into Vista way back in 2006 when Vista hit the stores.

The new crack which has been successfully been built on a Windows 7 volume license means that anyone who uses this cracked version can install Windows 7 on numerous machines without any limitations as such.

Tips for travelling to Turkey and places to visit

Of late Turkey has become a hit with the Global Holidaymakers - I know a lot of my pals who've visited Turkey and have enjoyed the hospitality, rich culture and vibrant beaches. So, I though it was appropriate to do an article as part of the travel round up on Turkey holidays this month.

Well, Turkey is definitely a place to be for tourists who savour culture and good food. It's simply an amazing vacation destination. You'll notice delectable and recherché local food. The advisable time to visit Turkey would be between the months of April and October. The weather condition is appease during the springtime and autumn months, but temperatures get a lot more frigid during the wintertime. It will occasionally snow in the mountains during this period. While during the summertime, the seashores are really touristed. Among the metropolises of Antalya and Izmir are a great amount of coves, and the land is long-familiar for having fantabulous rivers.

The three most conspicuous forms of conveyance in the country are trains, coaches, and aeroplanes.

Magnanimous international hotels could be found in leading cities such as Turkish capital(Ankara) and Istanbul. These cities as well provide local establishments too. When it gets to culture Turkey has acted as a crucial role in the evolution of three great religions - Christianity, Islamism, and the Jewish religion. Turkey is special therein this three faiths have moulded together side by side in a peace-loving fashion for a great deal of the country's history.

There are almost a hundred contrasting festivals held in Turkey every year. You'll discover a great deal of sunlight, loads of beaches and gorgeous mountains. Betwixt the months from April to October, you'll be able to virtually enjoy Turkey alfresco. Water-sports including windsurfing, para-sailing, spurt skiing and canoeing are favorite on destined beaches.

In holidaymakers and seaward regions, opening hrs are rather flexible and during the summertime a lot of shops stay open till after-hours in the evening, 7 days a week, allowing for tourists to shop at their leisure time and break away the heat of the day. Do share your thoughts too.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Deciding on the Best Hosting Provider Online

Deciding a trustworthy web hosting company may turn into a discouraging job if you're not certain about your expectations. In that respect there are a few requisites to anticipate in a dependable web hosting company prior to arriving at your option. It's essential to inquire yourself the following queries ahead of signing on a web hosting provider.

1) How much money is demanded in making your web site up and running? In that respect a lot of low-priced and dependable hosting providers can be found at
HostingGeeks who can establish your web site to work, generally in less than 24 hrs. Website hosting might not make up the only important reason for your web site expense though. Others could include: search engine optimization(SEO), commercializing, marketing etc.

2) How much disk space will your website actually need? It’s probative to make certain if your web site calls for large database storage or a bare static web site with the use of lower space.

3) Bandwidth ought also be a criteria. Whenever you flow magnanimous files through your web site day-after-day, you may need more bandwidth. And for a static web site, furnishing merely the information on the company and contact details, you will be able to apply lesser bandwidth.

4) Make certain, whenever your web site requires any particular software package to execute scripts correctly on your website. Ascertain and also compare with the website hosting company prior to you making your pick.

5) Does your web site need a database? It's advisable to check with the hosting provider, if they can host a database and a few providers host only predestined types. Whenever your website needs a database, determine all the necessities with the web hosting provider.

Well, after you've inquired yourself the queries above, envision your web site and its functions. Induce a straight navigation chart with links from home page to each interior pages and so on. Put down the purpose of each link on the website. It is best to work at them doubly even threefold in order that when it's in reality beset your system, you and your hosting provider won't be thunderstruck by any extra necessities which may come up that you've omitted.

Its always sensible to explore several green web hosting before you arrive at your concluding decision. Follow through their server software package, technical necessities and computer hardware. Compare with different web hosting companies before you settle your judgement.

Finally, follow through several forums relating to website hosting providers, you'll bump an abundance of good information.

Things to look out for before getting a used car :: The complete used car checklist

I am out there in the market looking for a used car and have been doing quite a bit of research on used cars. Things to watch out for, so here's an article with all the information that I have gathered and can be useful to you too.

The most crucial things to take care before buying a secondhand car is low milelage and as well as a good body.
Ascertain under the bonnet for any leakages that you'll be able to see by eye
Make certain it looks clean in the interior of the car.
Explore the history if feasible, ascertain if the oil has been changed regularly, look inside the oil cap whenever you are able to and ascertain if you see any oil sludge or coated up oil.
Check for fine tires anticipate wear on the outermost edges if you'll be able to ask to see it up on a automobile lift to search any defective holes or anything merely if its mechanicly sound and motor looks fair and the body feels benevolent no holes and no rusting and runs unspoilt without any engine noise
View the engine cooling system as well, take away the radiator cap and look to ascertain if the water supply is corroded or brownish looking which would suggest conceivable serious issues.
These are what i do seeking a new automobile take it for a trial drive get the car all warmed and go sit down and have a coffee and when your finished having a coffee inspect under for any fluid leakages whenever there is no leaks you recognize the seals are all good be sure that the exhaust system is effective and not corroded out.

  • Check over for servicing records, and the way it senses when you sit down in it.
  • Check to ascertain want warrantee gets on the car and what it covers up.
  • Check the body for holes or rusting. and for collision damage.
  • Checkout to see how the car starts
  • Check out all lights and electric functions.
  • Ascertain under the bonnet for belts and hoses being fagged out and chapped and loose.
  • Check off all fluids and levels. if the engine is overly clean wonder how come?
  • Check up on the under carriage for holes and the exhaust system for leaks and disturbance.
  • Check the transmission see how it shifts. Is it a used transmission?
  • Check the handling and the drive.
  • Check tyres and brake system for wear.
Do let me know if there is something that I've missed out on.

Friday, July 24, 2009

The Nokia N97 : Beast Unveiled : A complete Review

Nokia E-series and N-series mobile phones have for a few years now had, by far, numerous capabilities than any other mobile phone out in the market - but they've not all of the time embodied to be the hottest or held the most encompassing mass appeal. Also, though Nokia sells many more smart phones than anybody else worldwide, they've not aimed or commercialized the US market to a great extent.

Nokia have got at last flaked the rubble and propelled onto the post-iPhone touch screen era. But whereas Apple borrowed quite a couple of UI elements from the Motorola Ming, and some other producers successively proved to imitate the iPhone look and feel, Nokia has considered a decidedly distinct approach path.

Pros of the nokia n97:
  • The keyboard is okey-dokey. They're not the most adept keyboard out in that respect and also there Is not umpteen tactile feedback from the keyboard as such.
  • The camera. is a very good 5 MP, dual LED flash one. It takes very nice pics, but why not utilize a single xenon flash instead I would really ask?
  • Looking for a specific contact is very engrossing with a fresh type of exploring that reminds of the SureType technology incorporated in the BlackBerry Pearl.
  • Google Maps -This mappings application is exactly as perfect on a n97 as elsewhere.
  • There's a courteous lock button on the side of the n97 that appears reasonably responsive (you can easily lock/unlock with a snap of your thumb).
  • 48 GB storage capacity so beneficial

Cons of the Nokia n97:
  • The touchscreen applies resistive technology and not capacitive technology like in the Apple iPhone. You'll have to apply the tip of your finger for most dependable response and not the bottom flesh of your thumb.
  • Zero iSync support.
  • The batery life on an n97 is like 24 hours.
  • The deficiency of an editing version for Quickoffice can really be a damper too.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Rare Coin Collecting - A Hobby

Some people have hobbies that don't really make a poor man afford - well, I am not talking about golf here but it is of a different kind. It is called as Rare Coin Collecting. Coins come in different shapes and sizes and also of different materials like Steel, Copper, Iron to even precious metals like Gold and Silver.

To get started you will need to first approach a coin dealer who can guide to essentially the best coins that you can easily afford. Always remember to purchase a graded Rare Coin than an ungraded one. Even if you are an expert in the Rare Coin field yet you could be easily be cheated at your nose.

There are lots of advantages of getting a coin graded. Whenever a rare coin gets graded it is immediately placed inside a permanent plastic display case. This case is transparent for the spectators to view the coin without damaging it. Also, in the case you will find the Rare Coin along with the year the coin left the mint, the official name of the rare coin and grade on a label.

As said before, always getting the rare coin professionally graded adds a lot of value to the rare coin and it also makes it easier to sell the coin at a later date. The difference in grades for the rare coin can change the value of the rare coin significantly. When the rare coin is graded, there will be no question in your(seller) or also on the buyers head.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Microsoft Soapbox to Shutdown

MSN will no longer offer Soapbox!! Soapbox was Microsoft's version of user generated video service and was also a part of MSN Video. Sadly it has met the grave and will be laid to rest on August 31, 2009. Microsoft Soapbox was considered to be the tech giant’s answer to Google’s most-popular video sharing service YouTube. The demise was announced via a formal e-mail a few minutes ago.

Microsoft hasn't completely backed out of the video sharing/streaming market though - as MSN Video will remain online. MSN Video gets roughly about 88 million unique visitors per month that translates to 480 million video streams a month. On the other hand Soapbox was getting a mere less than 5% of what MSN Video gets. So, it was quite obvious that the service need to be shut down. Hope Soapbox videos don't get listed on Irish buy and sell web site.

From 29th July 2009, users will NOT be able to upload any videos onto Soapbox and those folks who have uploaded videos earlier into their Soapbox account will have time until August 31, 2009 to download them. So maybe you need to download and upload onto youtube for greater prosperity!! I feel that the folks at Microsoft should have given an easy option for the SoapBox users to directly send the videos onto their MSN Videos account.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Simple difference between Java Beans and Enterprise Java Beans(EJB)

JavaBean - A Java Bean is a software component written in the Java programming language that conforms to the JavaBeans component specification. It is an API for objects which expose their properties via standard naming convention (getXXX(), setXXX(), isXXX()). These properties can be determined at runtime via reflection and introspection. For true JavaBeans, they should be Serializable and have a default constructor. The orginal intent was to make them easy for tooling (tools could discover their properties, expose them to configuration, etc.).

The JavaBeans APIs became part of the "core" Java APIs as of the 1.1 release of the JDK.

EJB - Enterprise JavaBeans (EJBs) are Java-based software components that are built to comply with Java's EJB specification and run inside of an EJB container supplied by a J2EE provider. It is an "enterprise" api for distributed objects. Provides a standard approach to building such objects and allowing an EJB container (EJB application server) to manage the lifecycle of the beans. EJB's provide persistance, scalability, and distributed transaction support (via the container).

An EJB or an enterprise java container provides distributed application functionality such as transaction support, persistence and lifecycle management for the EJBs. Further Details about apache tomcat or simply tomcat server and JavaBeans can be found at Sun Java Tutorial.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Advantages of Processing your clients Credit cards on your own

Processing credit cards all over the World Wide Web is among the quickest flourishing sections of dealings nowadays. These type of dealings or "card-not-present" dealings demands a exceptional type of merchandiser business relationship. Most credit card companies use exceptional standards to measure risk and they have a different fee structure since you never physically ascertain the credit card. There are a lot of benefits to taking into account this than to use a system like PayPal per se to set up your card-not-present account. Some of the best reasons why I feel that you must use your own service as compared to the Online ones are mainly pertaining to ease of use. It is more like using your own credit card machines when your client asks for processing their card.

Some very good advantages are like :
  • You can accept totally all leading credit cards as well as electronic checks, Internet auctions and gift cards.
  • You can also very easily forestall hoax - distinguish fishy transactions with value - added merchandises when you have your own processing set-up.
  • Also, you can set up the system to do either Real time or batch transaction processing of the Credit Cards.
  • Even you can set up Mobile Interfaces to work on card processing on the move.

You only need to have your own merchant account and that's it. Just run a web search and you'll come up with thousands of them. But approval can be hard and the fees will add together for a small business.

If you have an online business you will be able to use an online gateway which is fairly cheap. From there you will be able to accept all major credit cards. PayPal has a very good program in place but doesnot really work out well mainly due to high transaction or monthly fees that you are required to shell out.

Merchant Warehouse's cutting-edge innovation has been aptly named as MerchantWARE Mobile. MerchantWARE Mobile is basically a POS (point-of-sale) app that runs off mobile devices. It helps in providing merchants with the power to process credit and debit transactions instantly by accepting payments rather very innovatively on their Apple iPhone or iPod Touch. MerchantWARE Mobile is an idealistic for any merchant in the business. He could simply be a sales rep, or a cashier in a small store, or a vendor at a trade show or even simply a pizza delivery driver. A merchant exclusively needs to sign on for a merchant business relationship with the company, download/install the application program through Apple iTunes and establish a WiFi, Edge or a 3G network connection. That's all it takes now!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Kindle 2 price Dropped!! Is there something more than what catches the eye?

The best selling e-reader of all times, Amazon’s Kindle 2 price has been been slashed by almost 15% recently to an all time low of $299. This might sound as a very cool news for many who wanted to buy a Kindle for themselves or gift someone a Kindle. But is there something behind the price drop by Amazon that catches the eye?

I for once surely feel that the price drop has been done by Amazon to flush off it’s aging inventory of Kindle 2’s while the company banks on the newly launched Kindle DX. Amazon it seems for once has completely sold out the first batch of Kindle DX's in an amazing 72 hours flat. Again the same story repeated after two weeks later, Amazon once again sold out "due to heavy customer demand" (as published on Amazon’s website). Currently the Kindle DX has a super cool four to six week wait for the fresh inventory to arrive.

But on the contrary you can readily purchase the 6-inch Kindle 2, isn’t that interesting?.

You can purchase the Kindle 2 online easily and securely on

Friday, July 10, 2009

Complete list of Orkut Country Specific Websites – use these when Orkut is blocked to scrap

orkut-logo Orkut – the popular social networking website from the Google stable has many country specific websites. Though most of us are only aware of yet there are specific websites for India, United Kingdom, Brazil, Canada, Germany, New Zealand, Israel, Portugal and Australia currently.

Orkut is very popular in Brazil, followed by India – but atleast in India I see Facebook to become more popular by the day – though the quizzes may be crazy, games may be kiddish – yet the flocks head towards FaceBook!!

Here is the list of Country specific Orkut websites that may be useful for you to use when the website is blocked at your school, college or office. You could try one of the below Orkut websites and can log-in with your original user credentials.

Happy Surfing!! You could also use one of the proxy websites to access Orkut when it is blocked.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

100 Free Stunning Bing Wallpapers

WaterDrops_ROW2687378166 Following my last article “ How to easily set the Bing Wallpaper of the Day as your Desktop Wallpaper automatically? ”, I decided to go deep under and unearth all the Wallpapers that have made it to the Bing website. I could find 100 such wonderful and superb Wallpapers that can make your Desktop simply stunning.

All these wallpapers have a size of 1916 x 1024 pixels which must fit almost all screen sizes. If you want to download the entire set of 100 Wallpapers, you can get it from this link : 100 Free Bing (.zip , 78.9MB).

Else, you can click on each of the Individual images below and on the resulting screen you can right-click and save the Wallpaper.
Update : For some strange reason - the individual images have been uploaded in 640px × 342px below. So, it is advisable to download the entire set above that has the
1916px x 1024px images is high quality. If you need only a particular wallpaper, feel free to mail me a request .

Please Note that the Images are copyright to their respective owners. And also, Bing is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation.

Click to Enlarge and Save

Arlington_EN-US114955413 AuroraBorealis_ROW4031861839 Badlands_bing Badlands_ROW2191840911 BananaSeller_EN-US2005967927 Bavaria_ROW338524611 BernerAlps_EN-US3580231131 bing_Whales BoraBora_ROW1156016689 BostonSkyline_EN-US892475580 Brittany_ROW115281643 ButchartGardens_EN-US349242808 CalabriaCoast_ROW1974044658 CanadaDay_EN-CA2533599383 Cappadocia_EN-US2598611891 CheeseMarket_EN-US1793811388 ChocolateHills_ROW2804917182 CinqueTerre_EN-US2206014527 CostaRica_ROW1929301562 Cranes_ROW2008022745 D-Day_EN-US2936352986 Denali_EN-US794296373 Dover_ROW2439373480 DragonBoats_ROW3326629705 Echidna_bing Echidna_ROW490989587 Egret_bing Egret_ROW655357013 EverestBaseCamp_EN-US452702895 FathersDay_EN-US369490406 FerrisWheel_bing FerrisWheel_ROW52276381 Fish_ROW919673108 FlagDay_EN-US2358731568 FloatingMarket_EN-US520414795 Florence_EN-US532715301 Forest_ROW1370166796 Frog_ROW1810342392 Galapagos_EN-US119036681 GreatBarrierReef_EN-US1690380444 GreatWall_ROW66146856 GroupSurfing_EN-US1526099514 HangingMonastery_EN-US2455561163 Hohenzollern_ROW576262286 HorseheadNebula_EN-US1846128122 IshikawaSwans_ROW656540896 JurassicCoast_EN-CA163366762 JurassicCoast_ROW163366762 KilaueaLighthouse_EN-US611043787 LadyLiberty_EN-US2206298371 Leopard_ROW1758115688 Liedschendam_EN-US1201241475 Lighthouse_ROW578993043 Lion_ROW236151605 MantaRay_EN-US2239617195 Miami_EN-US833113996 MilfordSound_EN-US1003822754 MtWuyi_ROW1309836186 NavajoBridge_EN-US2344157524 Nebula_ROW20681348 NiagaraFalls_EN-US1204394802 NupsstadurFarm_EN-US182736156 OldTown_EN-US2987493159 OperaHouse_EN-US3920829536 Otters_ROW966687006 Palouse_EN-US2070877667 Patagonia_ROW1058169587 PerceRock_bing PerceRock_ROW684636910 Pinnacles_ROW920069056 Pollen_EN-US1698974598 Porcupine_EN-US15128822 Preikestolen_bing Preikestolen_ROW128591211 PrinceWilliamSound_ROW637625974 RedPlane_EN-US1784983453 RioGrande_EN-US1188273243 RiverDouro_EN-US3038161065 RiverWalk_EN-US1417142760 RollerCoaster_EN-US3152143793 Santorini_ROW1884971014 StockholmStreet_EN-US2730708395 TajMahal_EN-US328173635 TheStrip_EN-US2498420012 TowerBridge_EN-US1995582282 Uluru_bing Uluru_ROW1515037638 VictoriaFalls_ROW2363910524 View_ROW302279770 Villandry_EN-CA1510444303 Villandry_ROW1510444303 WaterDrops_ROW2687378166 Waterfront_ROW679081218 Whales_ROW831086092 WhiteDesert_ROW976164225 Yangshuo_ROW187269489 Yoho_ROW1677688557 Zebras_ROW1968304150 Seahorses_EN-US2462057904 SpiceMarket_EN-US386014261

Hope you liked these. Do let me know your thoughts.