Sunday, June 30, 2013

car poster art by Dean Walton

a saddle bag for a Bugatti, pretty cool

A Brooks Stevens design I haven't seen before

When Nascar had cool cars

I think this was on

B-29 over Mt Fuji

the scene from from Air America

been a long time since I've seen a photo of a Peerless

Sherman tank on the reef around Saipan, still on watch, still covering the troops advancing on the beach

1959 Chev bus, made into a mobile home for camping in style

the Cadillac of tow trucks, 1915 Caddy type 51 (5 passenger car) made into a tow truck

I just posted some more on my Tumblr of beautiful women

so if you want to see more beautiful women

I just found a vehicle with WoodLite headlights, the Arrowhead Water teardrop streamliner promotional car

Dodge can't build a car like this anymore, and ought to be reminded where they came from, how well they once built cars "Ram Tough"'

before roads were graded, plowed, paved, or even planned.

Seeing them get the car back on it's wheels when it tumbled onto its side... by rolling it over, onto it's roof, then the other side, then finally back on the tires... and driving off! THAT is a tough car!

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David (The Old has a 7 part post and gallery on the 1908 New York to Paris

On April 21, the Thomas was loaded aboard the S.S. Shawmut, bound for Kobe Japan. During the crossing, Schuster went down into the cargo hold to inspect the Flyer. He had previously removed the metal fenders and replaced them with leather aprons to reduce weight. Before loading the Thomas on board, the aprons had been removed to prevent damage and were placed under a tarp. When George lifted the trap, the leather fenders were gone! He immediately went to the ship’s Captain who reluctantly explained that his Chinese crew had taken the leather to make new sandals. The Captain quickly ordered the Ship’s carpenter to make new fenders from wood and canvas.

Villa De Este 2013 video, remarkable BMW plane display using lights on the prop

in the video this is at minute 1:05, and 2:41

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a real well done gallery of the cars link,

and a much shorter video with a closer view of the GT cars,

Video of the Lambrecht dealership cars coming out of the building, first video I've seen of them

this video is long and not worth watching every minute, just skip ahead a lot, because the woman narrating is very repetitive

Skip to minute 7:35 to get the complete wrap up

64 Impala 4 miles
58 Cameo 1 mile
78 Corvette 4 miles

and from the auction company website list of the few gems, if they knew of any other desireable cars, they'd list them, so I guess the other 485 vehicles aren't as impressive. The Van Der Brink website as of June 30 doesn't have a decent list of the cars yet

1964 Impala 4 spd        10 miles

1964 Corvair van           14 miles
1960 Corvair sedan       4 miles
1966 Chevelle sedan     4 miles
1964 Chevrolet truck    3 miles
1964 Chevrolet truck    8 miles
1964 Chevrolet truck    5 miles
1964 Chevrolet truck    4 miles
1964 Chevrolet truck    5 miles
1964 Chevrolet truck    6 miles
1965 Chevrolet truck    5 miles
1963 Chevrolet truck    16 miles
1965 Bel Air wagon      5 miles
1964 Chevrolet truck   5 miles