Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Final Summer Moments

For one of our last summer outings me Nic and Paul decided we should go to the zoo. So we did, and what I have here are the few decent drawings that came out of this trip that served me one, and one purpose only: To show how rusty I have become.
Nonetheless I decided I should post these anyways.

I hope I don't scare you guys off!

Sketch blog etch-a-sketch mungo

All artists should keep a sketchbook and draw in it mercilessly, until the pages fall into dust and your finger becomes a pencil. I always have 3 or 4 on the go at once - for my ever-changing moods. I like to draw when I'm watching TV! Or waiting for a tardy friend in a public place. If you have a sketchbook, you still look friendless, but at least you're not bored.

Here are a couple of pages from the last month or so that you may enjoy. Or find awful.

I think the above page is good because it captures many of my preoccupations at once.

This page on the other hand is merely testimony to what I was watching at the time. Can you guess what it was? It wasn't terribly good.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

some photos I particularly like from this weekends Palos Verdes Concours

why these? I like hoof ornament chrome reflections accentuating the shape,

the grill having the race cars number painted in it

this big DuPont has grates in the running board for slush, snow, mud, dust, rocks... and all the other things you don't want to track onto your nice carpet

I like gauges... they are gadgety, highly precise, mechanical, and instrumental

Just do it

Gene Winfield's land speed racer was at the Palos Verdes Concours

also frequently seen on the salt at Bonneville and the dry lake of El Mirage

above, one of my favorite photos I have taken, it was at the May 2010 EL Mirage event

what a radio control looked like in the 30's, if you could afford one

a lot of dual cowls in just one photo

great display of dedication to racing

my favorite fire truck was at the Palos Verdes Concours