Wednesday, September 11, 2013

did you know that 2 of the highest quality car makers in the world are getting whipped at F1 by a soft drink company?

Red Bull Racing is beating Ferrari, Mercedes and Toyota

because they are winning so much, the equivalent cost of that level of advertising would be about 300 to 400 million dollars.

That is money that Red Bull doesn't have to spend on advertising you might realize

It costs about 300 million dollars to run their race teams, and Red Bull only has to provide about 150 million directly

So for the price of racing they get free advertising, basically. Or, they get to race for free while paying for advertising

about 70 percent of the cost of racing for Red Bull is research and development

The return on the racing team has been about 285 million dollars. Isn't that about 90 % of the cost? So it's really not too expensive with the amount they win. 88 million for winning the championship, 60 million from sponsorships

the real surprise is that in a 5 year stretch where Toyota won no races, it spent 1.5 billion on its F1 racing, and Reb Bull spent about half that

in 2004 Red Bull bought the Jaguar F1 team for a dollar from Ford, and in 2010 crowned Vettel the youngest ever F1 Champion, in 2011 set the record for the most pole positions (18) of any team in a single season... in 2005 Red Bull bought the Minardi team and renamed it Scuderia Toro Rosso, and tripled it;s profits in one year

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