Sunday, September 8, 2013

the annual Cruise for Kids, benefits the Boys and Girls Clubs of San Dieguito, and it's the most comprehensive gathering of supercars outside of SEMA

it's all open to the public, and you can walk in to drool... be polite and don't drip on the cars... and you'll see most every expensive car made in the past 5 years. About 1/4 of the cars were Ferrari

the only place you'll ever see Bugatti on the public roads... seriously. I've photographed a dozen or so, and only at car shows or dealerships. No one drives a million dollar vehicle anywhere

Just contrasting the size of the Rolls with the Audi

Gullwings and scissor wings (inspired by the Countach which needed them as a swing out would have never fit between cars in a parking lot) and the only Spyker I've seen in person

I'm pretty sure this is the only Lexus I've ever posted, probably the only one I will ever post. The normal ones are uninteresting

yup, two Avendators

two different Ariel Atoms

and a McLaren

Above, the Nissan GTR which has kicked the butt of the rest of the supercars, for a fraction the cost

at least 3 new Maserati

and a Tesla

damn good looking new Jaguar design

am I the only one that immediately thought of the Austin Powers Jag? This is a terrific looking paint job design

cool old cars are NOT excluded... this GTO and a 60's Mustang were there