Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Ever hear about the California Melee and Moto Melee? I just learned about them

The California Melee is the Original low buck classic sports car rally. In mid-September each year (specifically the weekend after Labor Day) the California Melee gathers a limited group of mischievous old car enthusiasts and treats them to a three-day, 750 mile tour of the most beautiful roads that Northern California has to offer... On the Cheap! Unlike some similar events, we understand the cost of building and running old cars, so we have always believed that an event shouldn't cost more than a set of used tires, or maybe a homemade wiring harness.
So what exactly is this "Moto Melee?"

Well, it's three-days &~850 miles of back-roads adventure for pre-1971 motorcycles with a START/FINISH in San Francisco. Established in 1998 by enthusiasts Jeff Guzaitis and Harley Welch, the Moto Melee was the natural progression from their wildly successful California Melee classic sports car rally.

On the Melee you'll get the opportunity to dodge suicidal squirrels, splash through stagnant water, stay at a seedy motel, possibly run out of gas and maybe... just maybe win a recycled trophy and the sweet taste of Melee fame.