Sunday, June 10, 2007

Netscape releases version 9 of its browser with Social Networking in built

Do you guys know Netscape? Well - I definitely do!! Because it was one of the few other browser(or only other browser) available than Internet Explorer when I started sufing the web in its early stages. The browser was once dominant in terms of usage share, but it has lost most of its share to Internet Explorer during the first browser war I suppose.

Well, recently Netscape has announced the availability of the new Netscape Navigator 9.0, available as a standalone installation for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. I guess this is just to once again prove to its critics that it is very much in business!! This 9.0 version is based on Firefox and has a couple of unique features built-in.

Some very notable features of this new browser are :

Direct browser integration with Netscape portal which is now a social bookmarking site.

You can share and vote for web pages you'll find interesting without visiting the website.

One can read the latest news directly from the browser.

A link pad allowing you to save interesting links without cluttering the bookmarks.

You can download and try Netscape 9 from the offical website.

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