Sunday, August 11, 2013

very rare Rapid Transit System 4 piece poster from 1970, 4 feet by 12 feet total size, the Hemi Cuda

 Jim's price is 5thousand.

regular readers will know that it's rare that I have a thing for sale, because I have nothing to sell. But occassionally someone will ask me if I want to buy something, like in this example, and since I can't afford anything, I ask them if they would rather I post about it, and help out readers who are looking for some cool thing, and that seller who is also a reader (maybe) and by posting it, I help out four people at the same time.

I get a cool thing to post, Jim's wife is happy he sells it, Jim's happy to get money for it, and the new owner scores something that normally you would thing will never be seen outside a millionaires private collection

If you buy it, and don't mind sharing the photo of it in your place of pride, I'd love to post that as an example that sometimes, cool things find new homes. My email is

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