Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Street car racing, $50 buy in, winner takes all the cash, and that seems to be the whole deal.Begins Sept 14th, High Plains Raceway, Colorado

For all the info: https://www.facebook.com/ColoradoStreetOutlaws

You get to traction prep your lane however you like (minimal but VHT is ok) , it's regular street asphalt...

Rules for Racers!!

1.) All races are setup and approved by Col Street Outlaw admins.
 2.) 1/8th mile, from a dig for 1st race on Sept 14th
3.) Minimal prep, and up to the racer (vht, hazing tires etc)
4.) Lane choice goes to higher ranked participant of the list
5.) Jump the start or crossing lanes is automatic loss of race
6.) The person being called out sets the date of the race, and has up to 15 days to do so.
7.) Person calling out should be ready to race right then or at any point agreed upon

 1.) Working lights (headlights, taillights, brake lights) are required
2.) Any Fuel is permissible (E85, C10, C16, 93.etc)
3.) Any tire is permissible
4.) 1/8th Mile

In order to keep the validity of the list in tact (ie no 14sec ET cars racing 9 sec ET cars.. all races will be coordinated by the Co Street Outlaws Admins! First races are Sept 14th!!!! Be ready to travel at some point, already have other states waiting for US!

the dragstrip has a credit card operated fueling station.

The following fuels are available:
Sunoco 260 GT 100 octane unleaded street legal 3.3% oxygen, $9.46/gallon
Sunoco 260 GTX 98 octane unleaded not street legal 0.0% oxygen, $9.51/gallon
Sunoco Standard 110 octane leaded not street legal 0.0% oxygen, $9.21/gallon

The fueling station accepts Visa and Mastercard. Per the credit card company there is a $600 limit on each transaction. Each credit card can be used for a maximum of three transactions (no matter how low the dollar amount) in a 48 hour period.  http://highplainsraceway.com/

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