Thursday, August 29, 2013

Best steampunk book I've seen for kids, friends, your boss, and steam punk / inventors geek love .. Thaddeus the Boss, by Heather Theurer

that is the first couple pages after you open it, so you can see how it begins

the story line is that Thadeus (the kid) wants to be a "boss" like his dad, and this tells how he tries and learns how difficult it is to be a boss, and what the things a boss has to do for the people he is a boss of.

one of the great things about Heather's art and design is the TERRIFIC details and inventions she displays throughout the book, like the pacifier with a dB meter

Every day the dad goes to work in a new way, but a Motor Wheel? How Cool!

the above reminds me of the big car in League of Extraordinary Gentlemen... notice the engine horsepower call out on the exhaust?

Steampunk baby buggy!

this is so cool, Heather wrote up a great amount of things that you can get your kids to think about or discuss, even go back through the book and look for

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