Tuesday, July 9, 2013

2004 Maserati GT donated to fundraiser for local PBS station

KPBS revved up its “Donate Your Car” campaign this month (June 2013) which, along with drivable used cars, often attracts tired, tread-worn mechanical castaways with more miles than a Platinum Frequent Flyer.

 This week was different, however. A caller said on Monday he wanted to donate his beloved Maserati.

Well, sure … So, in rolled a sleek, immaculately maintained Maserati loaded with driver-pampering goodies — and legitimate ownership documents.

 The black 2004 GT coupe with tan leather interior had a manufacturers list price of about $81,000. About 80,000 miles later, it should fetch between $25,000 and $35,000 at auction, predicts James Rowten, corporate development manager for KPBS in charge of its vehicle donation program.

 “This is the most standout car donated in my tenure, and I’ve been here five years,” he said.

While many of the autos end up being sold for scrap metal, and drivable cars head to used-car auctions, this one will go to an international auction of high-end vehicles, Rowten said. The owner’s name remains confidential, although Rowten said he is a longtime donor and fan of KPBS from La Jolla.


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