Saturday, August 1, 2009

How to easily open an encrypted / password protected PDF document

PDF I am not very sure if you already know about this method – but for all those who are unaware of this, here it goes. PDFs (Portable Document Format) documents can be easily encrypted/password protected so that any un-authorized user cannot view or edit the PDFs content. The secured PDF document can also have DRM restrictions embedded right into the PDF document to provide further restrictions on the user from copying, changing / editing or printing the PDF file.

To remove all the DRM restrictions or the password of the protected PDF document you will need to just forward the PDF file as an attachment to your Gmail account and then simply open them in HTML mode from within your Gmail Inbox – now isn’t that so very simple to remove the PDF restrictions and password protection.

I have previously written macros to remove password protection from excel files – but never this easy to remove a password protection. But you have a few trade-offs in that the formatting of the PDF file is lost to a great extend but you get all the content that’s inside.

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