Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Making of Vodafone ZooZoo Ads : Exclusive Images from behind the scenes

Most of you have become fans of ZooZoo - the non-animated character created by O&M for the latest batch of Vodafone Ads. The last time I had written an article on "Vodafone ZooZoo Cartoon Ads: Are they real humans?" there was a lot of response from our readers, many of them were pretty shocked and surprised to know that ZooZoo's were not cartoons or animated stuff.

Here are some very exclusive images of the making of ZooZoo's from behind the scenes.

Do you call this a ZooZoo on a hospital bed?and here's someone checking if the ZooZoo has really run out of power.
Who's taking rest? humans / ZooZoo's?
hey.. where are ur head gear?
what's the director checking on?
Is the photo-copier working really?
That's a close ZooZoo hug

Oopsie 1 gone - 3 left

The actual costume
The head gear...
Now the hospital bed has got work!!

Different moods need different moustahes and smiles
ZooZoo.. errrr humans taking rest
The set...
is the car running? or are they lost?
I can see a face inside Mr. Croc...

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