Monday, September 8, 2008

IE8 Beta 2 : First Aid Kit :: Funny

Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2 was launched a few days back. It comes with a rather cool feature called "Web Slices". Here's what web slice is all about.

Till now we used to goto a website to look for new e-mail's, changes in the weather reports, find the latest sports scores, current stock quotes and so on? But all this is a manual process until IE 8 came up with Web Slices.

Using Web Slices, you can get the updates of a particular part of a website directly in your Favorites Bar of the browser. If a Web Slice is available on a page, a green Web Slices icon will appears and you can easily subscribe and add them to the Favorites Bar. Whenever new information becomes available, the Web Slice gets highlighted. When you click on the Web Slice in the Favorites Bar, it previews relevant information.

The Wexley School for Girls took a dig into this feature and have presented this rather funny First Aid Kit for IE8.

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