Wednesday, February 27, 2008

List of Most Frequently Pirated Softwares on the Internet

Here is the List of most pirated Softwares via the internet, much of which consisted of security tools from Symantec and productivity and design tools from Adobe – makes me really wonder if Adobe’s high price points have anything to do with them being a prime piracy target. If only software was made really affordable for individual use, I suppose piracy can be brought down a lot.

Here's the complete list.

1. McAfee VirusScan
2. Symantec Norton Anti-Virus
3. McAfee Internet Security Suite
4. Intuit TurboTax
5. Adobe Photoshop (CS / CS3 and other variants)
6. Adobe Acrobat Professional
7. Intuit Quicken Home and Business
8. Symantec Norton pcAnywhere
9. Symantec Norton Ghost
10. Adobe Creative Suite

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