Friday, October 10, 2008

Surfing the internet via USB Dongles :: Demystified

Did you know that you could surf the World Wide Web a.k.a. internet using a small usb device called a Dongle? Most of us still associate an internet connection to be fast and reliable only when we have a physical wire that connects to our PC / Laptops (usually via a router / modem). This assumption or myth is especially true when we think of a broadband experience.

But, I would like to demystify that assumption of yours today. Well, you could use a very small device like the one featured in the graphic above - called a usb dongle to surf the internet. The usb can provide you speeds that one usually can compare broadband too. Technology has come a long way from the dial-up internet connections that I used to use half a decade ago to the advent of mobile internet to broadband via cable and now we have broadband via a dongle.

A usb dongle is usually the size of a pen drive and packs in a internal antenna and the DSP chip in a very small package. Once connected to the PC/Laptop - you can be up and surfing the internet in a few minutes or even seconds. The usb dongle internet device has become quite popular with the laptop excutives on the move and also with general laptop users.

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